Viper Pro™ Software Update Details

Version: Slingshot Field Hub 2.0 Patch
Release Date: 01/12/16

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Note: This is a patch installation to allow Field Hub 2.0 connectivity. The Viper Pro Software version number will not change. If you install new Viper Pro software, you must re-install this patch.

Download and Installation Instructions

1. Unzip/Extract to USB drive. If installed correctly you will have a folder named “startup”.

2. Insert USB into Viper Pro at the Program Selection List and select "Install Viper Pro".

3. The software will launch and install updates. When updates are complete, you will be asked to reboot the unit. Power off the Viper Pro by holding the power button until the screen goes blank. Then, power the Viper Pro back up.

Release Notes

  • Added support for Field Hub 2.0 

Download Update